Five French Avions to Star at 7th Annual Barrington Concours d’Elegance




The Aérodyne was Voisin’s four-door personal transport “car of the future” – seeking to capitalize upon the public’s growing fascination with streamlined, aerodynamic cars. Costing 88,000 francs during a time of widespread economic hardship, the Aérodyne was an exclusive car affordable only to the most affluent patrons. The Aérodyne was avante garde, even in an era of progressive design. Only, 28 C25s were produced, including eight Aérodynes. It is believed that only four exist today.

Also among the cars on display will be an unrestored original 1928 C11 Chasserons. This particular car’s design, referenced as “Chasserons” in factory literature, is more commonly known as “Lumineuse” for its expansive use of glass and bright cabin. This original car was formerly owned by the Voisin authority Robert Cornière.

A 1936 C28 Clairiere Berline previously owned by Gabriel Voisin will also be in the group. Only two of these cars are known to exist – the other being held by the Cité de l’Automobile National Museum, in France. Fit with a 3.3-Liter motor, this particular C28 was used in the 1962 Henri Verneuil film “Le Président” and had several owners before being purchased by Peter Mullin in 2010.

With a one-of-a-kind minimalist design, the 1953 C31 Biscooter will also be featured in the lineup. Voisin designed this simple car for the tough conditions of the post-war world. The Biscooter utilizes Voisin’s principle of “infinite simplicity” with a bare chassis, wicker seats for four, a simple, flat windshield and polished aluminum body. These vehicles were produced under license in Spain from 1953 to 1959. Between 12,000 to 15,000 were made.

A 1934 C27 Figoni Roadster featuring a special low chassis will also be among the cars displayed. Using a modified C24 chassis fitted with a bright-yellow Figoni 2-Seater Drop Head body, this unique Voisin was purchased for 20,300 French francs following its display at the Madrid Auto Salon in 1934. According to a previous owner, the original buyer was the Shah of Persia. Peter Mullin purchased this elegant roadster and put it through a comprehensive restoration.

As a part of the display, there will be information regarding the history, design and the importance of Gabriel Voisin’s work, which still influences automotive design today.

“Gabriel Voisin was a man ahead of his time,” said Peter Mullin, founder and chairman of the award-winning Mullin Automotive Museum. “It’s a great pleasure to share these magnificent cars at the Concours because it’s important for people to understand how significant these vehicles are to automotive history. It’s clear that the Concours team shares my passion for this history and wants to contribute to the work to recognize the accomplishments of Gabriel Voisin.”

The Concours is a year-long celebration of automotive excellence featuring more than ten events. The Avions Voisins will be displayed at the Concours’ capstone event on July 12-14 along with 100 of the world’s finest and rarest vehicles, including a collection of Duesenbergs, Indy cars and Vincent motorcycles. General admission tickets are available for purchase by clicking here.

Photos by Michael Furman Photography.